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The Kupe represents some of the most cutting edge brands that all have the same passion of delivering phenomenal products and services to clients.

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Konica Minolta Gauteng

With an extensive range of digital laser solutions, from entry level to high-end multifunction production machines, KMG will meet the requirements of any business environment.

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iCabinet™ is an efficient and effortless way to manage a filing cabinet that ensures your business processes run smoothly. With iCabinet™, businesses are now able to use a holistic document management approach from anywhere in the world.

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Midnight MonkeyTM

Your Highly Qualified Full Service Digital Partner. We optimise marketing processes, generate targeted results, and grow global businesses online to transform people’s lives. We create brands that stand out.

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Kupe Active

The Kupe brand, founded by Jason Kupritz, is a powerful embodiment of the belief that anyone can achieve greatness when they trust in their inner strength. The brand’s captivating slogan, “Believe in your fire,” ignites a spirit of determination and self-belief that resonates with sports enthusiasts and individuals striving to be their best.


Kupe H2O

At Kupe H2O, we understand the vital importance of water in our daily lives. Whether for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes, uninterrupted access to clean, reliable water is essential.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with innovative backup water solutions tailored to your needs.



Welcome to our premier online store! Explore a diverse range of top-quality 3D printers, essential consumables, filaments, and resins. Unleash your creativity with cutting-edge technology and exceptional materials.

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